Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Garden

We've been digging frantically for the last week in hopes of getting a plot cleared out in time to put in some fall crops. We chose an open, sunny space on the east side of the backyard. The 25'x25' bed is now free of bermuda (for the next five minutes or so), but could use a lot of amending. We're planning to go ahead and plant the seed that we have while mulching heavily all fall/winter. Hopefully, we'll have a big load of compost to add in the spring.

This week, we need to figure out the most practical fencing solution and get the seeds in the ground. The majority of the seed is from Baker Creek, along with random impulse buy leftovers and several little 25 cent packets I ordered from Tomato Bob's last spring. Off the top of my head, I know that we have various radishes, mesclun, asian greens, peas, spinach, onions and carrots. I made a garlic order with Hood River Garlic this week and we still have one little pepper plant that made it through the move. We're trying to keep really low expectations of this planting by thinking of it as an experiment to help us learn more about our soil and test different gardening methods.


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