Thursday, November 19, 2009

Co-ops: Not just for Hippies

I picked up our Oklahoma Food Cooperative order from the Midwest City drop-off point tonight, and I am very, very pleased.

Among our ordered items:
Earth Elements Country Fried Wheat Nuts
Primacafe Fair Trade Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee
Snider Farms BBQ & Jalapeno Peanuts
George's Apiary Lemon Spun Honey

All of these products were great, but the bbq peanuts were the star of the show. Perfectly seasoned, fresh roasted and delicious, these OK grown beauties would make George Washington Carver proud. I have a feeling they'll be the first thing we'll run out of. We should have bought a larger bag, as these won't last the whole month.

Meg's favorite were the Fried Wheat Nuts - they're like Corn Nuts, only not made out of chemicals. Super crunchy and fresh, we'll be ordering a much larger bag of these as well.

I'm not through the coffee I have right now, so I can't report on the Primacafe, but having tasted it at my parent's house, I can vouch for it's quality, balance and flavor.

The spun honey. Have you ever had spun honey? I hadn't either, but you're missing out. It's a singular phenomenon that is difficult to describe. Think of crystallized honey, but creamy instead of crunchy. We bought the lemon, but I don't know that it really needs any extra flavoring.

Right now there's less on offer through the co-op than in the spring and summer. Many of the growers in the co-op are out the OSUOKC Farmer's Market on Saturdays so our order wasn't as big as it could have been. Our friends that consume meat and dairy have more off season options, of course.

Seriously though, those peanuts are outstanding. Maybe that's what I'll get everyone for xmas.


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