Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Harvest

pepper plant

I've become unusually attached to this plant. It's a Cherry Bomb pepper plant that we bought as a little seedling from our local organic nursery in Dallas last April. It survived a crazy mid-summer hail storm and thrived through the Texas heat. When we moved at the end of August, it was quickly dug up, tossed in a five gallon bucket and thrown into the back of the U-Haul. It sat neglected for weeks (along with the butterfly weed, oregano and rosemary) before I even remembered to go out and water it, yet it still produced. I finally brought all of the plants inside just before the first frost and grouped them all on milk crates in the kitchen window. It's looking a little worse for the wear now, but we've been regularly harvesting hot cherry sized peppers indoors for the last two months. It refuses to stop producing. I've only watered it twice, but it doesn't seem to care.

The Cherry Bomb is a hybrid, which I didn't realize when I bought it. I try to stick to heirlooms because I think it's important to help save the lesser known varieties from extinction. Even still, I would have grown this hybrid again in a heartbeat---except that I found out that it is owned by Monsanto. Bummer. I'm hoping to grow around 10 or 15 kinds of hot heirloom peppers this year, so I'm sure I'll find another variety that is just as hardy and productive. I know that it's just a silly attachment to this one particular plant, but I will be sad to see it go (if it ever does...).


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