Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Peach Picking

our pickings

Peaches are a big deal in Oklahoma. We don't get a ton of apples or pears, very few cherries or apricots, no citrus, but lots of peaches. Great peaches. We couldn't resist buying a bag of Earliglos two weekends ago, then eating them too greedily and ending up peachless over the 4th while the other varieties were still ripening. On our way home from unloading the hay this morning, we noticed that the orchard down the street from the old house had its gates open. We had an hour or so before Mason needed to head to work, so obviously we had to stop and do some picking. Only three or four of their varieties are ripe at the moment, so we picked a bag for fresh eating and decided to put off getting bushels to can for another couple of weeks. Then, it will be time for peach jam, peach salsa and maybe some peach chutney. Not to mention the cobblers and pies. Mason's Nanny gave up the secrets to freezing excellent pies last weekend, so hopefully we'll be able to put some up and have a taste of summer in January (if they last that long...).

peach trees



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