Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spoiled Straw: Your Friend, My Friend

loading straw

Yesterday, or as it will forever now be known: Rotten Pumpkin Day 2009, is over. We loaded lots of wet, sprouted bales of hay and loads of stinky pumpkins (in fairness, Meg did most of the smelly part, her dad I just threw hay into trucks, so I really can't complain). So what did I decide to do today? Why, buy some spoiled straw of course! I'm clearly a glutton for bale-based punishment.

While we were out buying an American made garden hose, hitting up Mary's Swap Meet and the farmer's market, we stopped by Bethany Country Store. They happened to have spoiled mulch straw for $3 a bale, so I bought six (the most the Ranger can hold). I'll probably go back one day after work and pick up more, as it's a good price and you can never have too much mulch. I'll be very upset if I find out that you scooped me and bought it all.


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