Friday, November 27, 2009

With this axe, I thee smash!

pumpkins/gourds to compost

We picked up a huge load of pumpkins and hay from a local shopping center today. They had used them for autumn decorating and were going to throw them out to make room for Santas and snowmen. There were 37 bales and about 80 pumpkins and gourds. We're pretty sure the hay is bermuda, so it won't be going anywhere near the garden. Right now, we're using some to cover the bare ground in the compost pen. There were 8 or 10 regular pumpkins that we'll be able to preserve. We'll puree the flesh and freeze it for pies and soups. The seeds will be roasted and scarfed immediately. The rest of the lot will get smashed to bits on a less rainy day and added to the compost pile along with 15 giant bags of leaves from my aunt and uncle's house.

-Megan (the title is Mason's, of course)

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