Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Frost

giant noble spinach

We had our first frost this morning. Thankfully, Mason brought the last of the potted plants in last night--oregano, rosemary and the scraggly cherry bomb pepper plant that, despite consistent neglect, is still producing like mad. Everything out in the garden was pretty frozen when I took these photos, but they seemed to thaw nicely when the sun came out this afternoon. All of our fall crops can tolerate (or even like) light freezes, so we're not too worried about the weather. As long as it doesn't get too cold too soon, we should be harvesting veggies up through the holidays.

ching chang bok choy

packman broccoli



  1. Lucky you....Here in NY everything is gone from our gardens. I need a sprig of parsley the other day and thanks to a dusting of snow, that turned yellow-ish brown already. Springs right around the corner, right?

  2. I'm totally catching up with your new blog - i had been so busy that i didn't get a chance. So many awesome changes! I'm excited to read more about what you end up doing with your chunk of land (call me envious).

  3. I missed these comments somehow! I can't tell you how excited I am for spring!

    There are a few trade offs (think Thai food 20 miles away instead of 2 blocks, etc.) to living out here, but I think it's better for us in the long run. The biggest problem is our eagerness to start all of these projects at once---something that our new budget most definitely will not allow!