Monday, January 18, 2010


compost dog

We managed to get a few of the things on our list accomplished last week.

-We did not start new sauerkraut, but have the cabbage to do so in the next few days. I'm going to try adding jalapenos, carrots and onions to a smaller jar.

-We tried to buy napa cabbage for the kimchi, but it all looked pretty rank. Since it's really no rush, we're waiting to find some that is semi-fresh (none at the farmers market, unfortunately). I hope to be growing some Asian cabbages soon, which will help.

-We're leaning heavily toward this lemon chutney recipe for the can jam. I'm also interested in trying this while it's still citrus season.

-After a short delay, the compost piles were turned and combined.

-The Baker Creek seed order is ready. It took hours to narrow it down to a reasonable size, but I think we've come to a good compromise. We are looking for a few varieties that they don't carry, so I still need to find sources for those.

-I bought a used SD1000 off of ebay to replace the one that I broke. The price was right and it has been a good camera for our uses. I thought about going with something newer, but we're in saving mode for all of the upcoming garden projects.

-We went to the Friends of the Farmers Market meeting and have been working on some new ideas for promoting the market and expanding our outreach and education projects. If you have any ideas, we'd be glad to hear them.

I realize that reading the to do lists of others isn't exactly fascinating. Without the camera, we had no way to document any of the things that we did this week, so all I've got is a dull recap.

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