Monday, June 28, 2010

Garlic Harvest

cured garlic

It rained several inches here the Monday before last (even more in OKC-up to 10"), so we decided to go ahead and harvest the first half of the garlic. We pulled up all of the Early Italian Red, with the exception of a couple of little scraggly stalks. The bulbs were pretty wet, so we laid them out on newspaper to dry in the garage. A few days later, I brushed the dried dirt off of the bulbs and tied them into bundles of four which were hung up to cure. They've been curing for two weeks now, so they're ready to trim and clean for storage anytime. The bundle above is the one that had the largest, nicest looking bulbs. We're saving them to plant in the fall.

We've harvested the last of the scapes from the Chesnock Red this week. I sent some to Mason's parents, made a big batch of pesto and sauteed them to add to some white bean spread. The bulbs will probably be ready to pull in the next few weeks. I'm not sure how the hardneck garlic is going to turn out; the stalks are a little scrawnier than the softneck. We'll most likely be growing them again for the scapes regardless.


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