Friday, June 25, 2010

Tomato Progress

white currants
White Currants-our earliest variety this year.

We were a bit late getting our one gallon tomato seedlings into the ground this year. Then, they were hit by a harsh hail storm that stripped every single bud and tiny green tomato to the ground. Most of the plants lost several limbs as well. Then, we took way too long deciding what method of support to use, finally deciding on 7 ft. EMT stakes, which required quite a bit of pruning. And now, it's already unbearably (leaf shrivelingly) hot outside. Despite all of this, several of the varieties are loaded with fruit that are just beginning to ripen. We've only managed to find a few ripe babies thus far, but it looks as though we will be getting some nicer sized fruits in the next few weeks. At the moment, our Principe Borghese and Black Plums are setting fruit exceptionally well. I'll be sure to keep track of the varieties that produce--if they can survive all of this neglect and abuse and still put out a bumper crop, they definitely deserve a spot in our permanent tomato line up.

principe borghese
Principe Borghese

paul robeson
Paul Robeson

black plums
Black Plum

Tomato Harvest Tally
Principe Borghese: 1
Mexico Midget: 5
White Currant: 20

Total Weight: approximately 3 oz.


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