Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Estate Sales

The estate sales this month have been pretty excellent. I am a firm believer that almost everything that we need can eventually be found at an estate sale, yard sale, thrift store or on craigslist. Furniture, kitchenware, garden tools--as long as you have the patience to wait for the things that you want and the room store what you think you will need later, you can get great deals on practically anything.

I've been meaning to take pictures of all of the things that we've found, but didn't get around to it until today. It is getting really hot out there, so I only snapped a few for now.

nordic gold dishes

This is an early 70s stoneware Pfaltzgraff pattern called Nordic Gold. I got a mostly complete set for $15, but I didn't feel like dragging it all out to photograph. I will be on the lookout for extra pieces and I would really love to have this and this!

I also scored a ton of Pyrex this month which is almost all in use at the moment and a sackful of little prep utensils and nice wooden spoons that were only 5 or 10 cents each.

bruce chopping block

We have a large Boos block, but I don't like to chop on it because it was a gift and I want to keep it in nice shape. We use it mostly for kneading doughs and rolling out crusts. We have a smaller Boos cutting board for daily chopping, but are always finding that more than one of us needs it at a time. This is a nice little butcher block that was only $1.50.

crock and  tamper

I've been looking for a large crock for a long time. Most of the crocks that I see used are cracked, which isn't good for fermenting. This one will actually be usable. And my Meme is a fantastic haggler who talked them into selling it to me for $20. I love the giant hardwood tamper!


This is actually a quite nice iron scale that I was surprised to see was only $5. We need to find a strong basket to hang from the hook, but for now we're just going to use a galvanized bucket.


I have a thing for handmade quilts. It's a little ridiculous really--I can't risk using them on the bed because of the four muddy pawed dogs that go in and out of our room all day long. So, they get folded up and stuffed into chests and cabinets until I find or get Mason to build a non-ugly quilt rack one day.

clangy old bell

And, finally, a clangy old bell that needs some work. It was only a dollar and Mas said that he could fix it. I have no idea where it will go, but I have a feeling that we will find a use for it someday.


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