Monday, August 9, 2010

Peach Salsa


Last week, Loring peaches were ready at the local orchard. They are so delicious and sweet! We went out and picked 45 pounds for fresh eating, pies and canning. In addition to several half pints of jam, we now have 19 pints of peach salsa. The recipe is a tweak of Annie's Salsa that I saw mentioned in a post on the Harvest forum. It calls for substituting half of the tomatoes in the original recipe for peaches. I was a little leery of the peach/tomato combo, but it really is tasty. The jar pictured is one that we made with Wapsipicon Peach tomatoes, Loring peaches, yellow habaneros and sweet red bells. It is the prettiest of all of the batches, but they all taste great.

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