Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New World Seeds & Tubers

Breeding legend Tom Wagner has a new site up with some very interesting offerings. I've already run out of space in the garden planning, so we decided to limit ourselves to two purchases, Churra Plum and Dancing with Smurfs. We are both very excited to grow these this year.

Churra Plum: Like a sugar powdered Churro, the Churra Plum will throw some nice striped tomatoes that resemble the groves of a churro and will be very woolly. Another color will be popping up but I’ll let my customers find that color. Trying to guess those colors will churra plum-drive you crazy!

Dancing with Smurfs: F3. Cherry tomatoes with a variety of blue shoulders and/or blue stems and leaves. Some will be incredibly blue.

It took us quite a while to decide which two to get and I'm honestly already wishing we'd gone for a few more.


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