Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seed Orders

new seeds

I made several seed orders last week and they've begun rolling in.

I've got a stack of mostly peppers and herbs from The Sample Seed Shop. I have ordered from Remy two or three times now and the service has always been great. She ships really, really quickly and always adds in a little bonus. Her prices are excellent, too--especially if you are looking to try just a few of several different varieties and don't need huge packs of seed. Ordered 2/10, received 2/14.

My Baker Creek order was pretty small this year. I have a ton of seed leftover from last year's order and just needed to fill in a few things. I did slip a few tomato packs into the cart...Black Mauri, Chile Verde and Yellow Riesentraube. Ordered 2/12, received 2/16.

And I was happy to find my small order from New World Seeds & Tubers in the mailbox as well! I imagine that they have been flooded with orders in the past week, so to have received mine this quickly is a nice surprise. They must be working overtime to get everything out along with continuing to update the site. Ordered 2/12, received 2/16.


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