Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Main Crops

heirlooms from baker creek

We have decided to focus our gardening on mostly tomatoes and peppers this year. They are our two favorites and it is hard/expensive to buy the ones that we want at the market or the grocery store. They are also what we've had the most success with so far. We're going to plant lettuce, Asian greens, spinach, kale and a couple of other cool crops in a few small raised beds and we'll also probably devote one of the large garden beds to green beans, cucumbers, basil and sunflowers. We're not going to bother with melons or squash this year because of the space. They are easy to find at the market and not too expensive, so it makes more sense to use that space to grow other things. We may grow them again next year if we manage to eradicate some more Bermuda grass this summer.

I've spent most of the day sorting seed and seeding trays. Like last year, I'm starting our seed with a 3-2-1 mix in 392 cell trays. This is probably unnecessary for most gardeners, but it allows me to have more seeds germinating in our heated sand boxes at a time. It worked really well last year (especially for tomatoes), so I'm hoping for the same results this year.


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