Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wild Boar Farms

tomato seeds

Wild Boar Farms is a seed company in California that has developed some of the most interesting, beautiful OP tomato lines I have ever seen. This is our first year ordering from them. The seeds came very quickly: ordered on 2/15 and received on 2/19.

We are growing:

Pink Boar: Looks like a port wine colored Green Zebra. Striking looks, outrageous flavor that is sweet, rich and juicy. Early to mid-season. 70-80 days. indet. regular leaf. 2-4 oz. with good to great production. Aggressive grower. Port wine color with metalic silver green stripes. Dark colored flesh is juicy and very good rich and sweet flavor. Originally from Black and Brown Boar.

Sweet Carneros Pink: F-5 2-4 OZ. Rose pink with gold colored stripes. After 4 years this has proven to be very near 100% pure and of excellent quality. Huge producer for 2009. Great looking with a nice sweet tomato flavor.

Haley's Purple Comet: Wonderful large cherry tomato. Sweet, productive with rich "dark tomato" flavor. Originally from Cherokee Purple.


Michael Pollan: Odd shaped mutant from green zebra. Named after the awesome writer, journalist and teacher. (Please read one of his books) Taste is very different from the Green Zebra. Much less tartness, more mild with good sweetness. Very positive response at the Farmers Market. They stuck out and people really liked the flavor. As I ran out later in the season, customers kept asking about them.

(descriptions from the Wild Boar Farms site)


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