Monday, March 14, 2011


blue foliage

I'm seeing a lot of interesting foliage around here lately.

Of the 5 Dancing with Smurfs seeds that germinated, 4 have blue leaves and stems. All of these have a light speckling of dark blue. That's one of them above. The other one is green with the same speckling of the darker blue.

The OSU Blues have that speckling as well. All but one are mostly green; one has a bluish-gray tint to the leaves.

The Churra Plum foliage is beautiful. I had 100% germination on the 6 that I seeded and each is covered with a thick fuzz like the one below. These are some of the prettiest seedlings I've seen.

One last foliage note: It seems as though I have two potato leaf plants coming up from my Amish Paste seed. This is commercial seed from Baker Creek. I'm not sure if it was a seed mix up or cross or what, but I'm very curious to see what comes of them.


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