Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Potting Up

true leaves

I spent yesterday afternoon potting up tomatoes from the 392 cell trays to 72 cell trays. They'll stay here for quite a while before moving into the 4 in. pots. We've had pretty good germination considering some of the varieties are from swaps and others are older seed. I think we're right at about 85%--no varieties with zero germination this year, which is an improvement over last year. I've been updating the spreadsheet with all of the info here. The seedlings that have been potted up are also being taken out of the heat boxes and put on regular shelves.

I'm seeing quite a few more pepper sprouts and have just finished updating the pepper spreadsheet, which is here. The germination rate still isn't all that great. These will stay in the heat boxes for a while longer in hopes that we'll see more in the next few weeks.

Despite the fact that I've already planted way too many of both the peppers and tomatoes, I've received the rest of my seed orders and can't resist planting a few other varieties. I will have plenty of extras to give to family and friends, to send with Mason to work, to give to the Kids Cafe gardens and probably others to force off onto strangers. This year, I was trying to be cautious by planning for only 50% germination. Next year, I'm going to plan for about 80% and plant accordingly. I figure that we start early enough to have plenty of time to reseed anything that may not work out the first time around. I wish I'd thought more about it and done that this year!


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  1. megan/mason-
    informative blog!!! i'm a quirky minded gardener, meaning- when i was a kid i built forts in the woods with whatever "junk" that was available to me...do the same with gardening and hoop houses now. it all boils down to my fort building days, if it's free or darn near- it's a beautiful, functional find. i'll keep up with you, great photos- apparent your love for the subjects you shoot.