Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dwarf Tomato Project

I've signed up to participate in the Dwarf Tomato Project through Tomatoville. I only recently learned about this project. I wish I had known sooner as I think it is a very interesting and worthwhile endeavor. If you've never heard of them, there is a lot of information about dwarf tomato plants on the project site. I received my assignment this week. I'll be growing vials 3086 and 3089 from the Beauty breeding line. The seeds came in the mail on the 5th and I started them last Monday. So far, I only have two little purple striped sprouts, but I'm hoping for more in the next few days.

Vial 3086: Purple Striped (6 seeds)
Vial 3089: Chocolate Striped (7 seeds)

The project has been going on for a few years now and they've just released the first stable varieties, Dwarf Beryl Beauty, Dwarf Emerald Giant and Dwarf Mr. Snow commercially through Victory Seeds. You can also get on the waiting list for Rosella Purple and Tasmanian Chocolate, which should be released soon.


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