Tuesday, April 12, 2011


hiking yesterday

We headed out to the old land yesterday to work on cutting our trail back to the wild plums and blackberries. It's only 5 acres, but there are a lot of cedars that grow very closely together and require a lot of trimming to make even the narrowest of paths. We worked for about 3 hours and managed to make quite a bit of progress; I trimmed and Mason cleared branches until we made it back to the first stand of plums. Making a decent path through the berry brambles is going to be a lot more work, though, and slow work at that. There is a small clearing to the west of the brambles where I'm going plant some of the starts that we got on Saturday. We're hoping to get some more native edibles going out there. Unfortunately, most of that will have to wait until we get back from our trips and do all of the garden planting.


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